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Yukari Fukuta's Statement
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My current work is a series of self-portraits entitled "growth." Each piece addresses my confusion with my identity and my fear of the unknown. I use clay to capture my confusion, fear, and recurrent questions of my identity. The idea of growth inspires me to make sculptures that capture the essence of my inner beauty and the exploration of my spiritual growth.

In the process of my inner struggle, I am often torn in two different directions - my urge to change and my desire to maintain the status quo. I deduce that only when I challenge to change myself will my individual revolution occur.

Plants and their growth processes have become a metaphor for the forms I create. When I visualize a seedpod with a thick shell, I recognize it contains my visceral concerns. The pod has sharp, stiff spikes, which hold seeds and protect them from outside intrusion. I respond to the beauty and mystery of these forms. The art I create symbolizes my own shell that contains my anxiety and fear and protects my emotions from the harsh environment.

My feelings are not tangible; however, I know they exist within me. Feelings have the ability to affect behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs. They connect us and yet simultaneously have the ability to isolate us. Using clay as my medium, I investigate the pain and beauty of growth. Through clay I express my vision - life's inherent beauty must be nurtured and respected in all forms regardless of appearances.

Yukari Fukuta