Artist Biography - Christos Koutsouras

Born in Samos, Greece, Christos Koutsouras has traveled to and seen many places in his years as an officer in the Merchant Marines. As a painter, he tries to connect with and speak about the many places and experiences that have contributed to and shaped his artistic voice. He is known as a sculptor with a paintbrush, his works refused to be one-dimensional on boards, canvas, fiberglass or any other material he decides to make his own.

    1988-1991Studied painting at Alanus Hochschule in Bonn, Germany.
    1986-1988Studied drawing at Fachhochschule in Cologne, Germany.
    1982-1985Commissioned to create Murals and Reliefs in Greece and France.
    1980-1981Studied drawing at H.d.k. Berlin in Berlin, Germany.
    1974-1980Studied navigation; Officer in the Merchant Marines.
Exhibition History:
Solo Exhibitions (Selected):
    2001Gallery Alekton in Athens, Greece.
    2001Center for the Arts Melina in Atens, Greece.
    2001Center for the Arts Onoma in Pythagorion, Samos, Greece.
    2001Efroymson Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.
    2001Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.
    2000Efroymson Martin Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.
    1999Abraham Lubelskey Gallery in New York, New York, United States.
    1999The MartinLuther Kirche in Cologne, Germany.
    1999City Hall in Cologne, Germany.
    1998Christel DeHaan Art Center at the University of Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.
    1995Commission for "Allegorias" at the MartinLuther Kirche in Cologne, Germany.
    1994Gallerie Seippel in Cologne, Germany.
    1993Tam Uekerman Gallery and The Gallerie Smend in Cologne, Germany.
    1992Simultahnhalle in Cologne, Germany. (Sponsored by Kulturamt Koln)
    1992Set design for Sophocles' "Antigone." (Commissioned by Akademishes Kunstmuseum in Bonn, Germany.
    1991Tam Uekerman Gallery in Cologne, Germany.
    1991Alfter Castle in Bonn, Germany.
    1990Set design for Jean Giradoux's "Die Irre von Chaillot" in Cologne, Germany.
Group Exhibitions (Selected):
    2000"Duchamp Traveling Exhibition:" Kulturbahnhof in Bremen, Germany, Emmanuel Heller Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel, and The Artists' Museum in Lodz, Poland.
    2000Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, Inc. Puck Building, New York, NY, United States.
    1998Gallery at the Glass Garage in Los Angeles, California.
    1994Stadische Gallery in Wesseling, Germany.
    1993Commission for “Auszeit der Demokratie.” Presented “Chronologie Gewalt der Zeit” in Cologne, Germany.
    1990Commission for “The East Side Gallery Project – The Berlin Wall” in Berlin, Germany.
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Artist’s Notes:
My works are in private and public collections throughout the USA and Europe. I was a member of the jury for The National Scholastic Arts Awards in 1998 and 1999, and an Adjunct Professor of Drawing and Painting at the University of Indianapolis from 1998-2001.